General License no. 2 dated August 26, 1988 issued by Gosbank of USSR
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Viking Bank Held Annual Meeting of Shareholders
Best Students of Saint Petersburg State University Received Viking Bank Scholarships
Viking Bank Offers a New Service - Customs Card
Viking Bank Organized Gospodin Veliky Novgorod Chess Festival
Viking Bank Supports the Russian Supercross Championship Organizers

Руководство Банка
The President Joint-Stock Company Viking-Bank Ustaev A.J.
26 August 2016 — 28th anniversary of successful activity of the Bank "Viking" in the financial market! To achieve good results and helps us move forward with good strategy, a solid team and our valuable customers and partners.
The Chairman of board of directors Joint-Stock Company Viking-Bank Halansky V.P.
Created during the beginning of market reforms, in the eighty-eighth year, the Bank "Viking" has passed a way of formation and development together with the Russian banking system and became the First commercial Bank of new Russia.
The Chairman of board Joint-Stock Company Viking-Bank Zaozersky A.A.
For many years, the Bank "Viking" is an example of a dynamic and modern credit institution. The Bank "Viking" – the First commercial Bank of new Russia already 28 years successfully operating in the financial market of St. Petersburg.

Exchange rate on 08/19/2017 Bank buying rate Bank selling rate
US dollar 58.75 59.75
Euro 69.15 70.20

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