General License no. 2 dated August 26, 1988 issued by Gosbank of USSR
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Viking Bank Offers a New Service - Customs Card
Viking Bank Organized Gospodin Veliky Novgorod Chess Festival
Viking Bank Supports the Russian Supercross Championship Organizers
The shareholders of Viking Bank took part in the investment project the International Academy of Music by Elena Obraztsova
The Viking Bank gives gifts

Руководство Банка
The President Joint-Stock Company Viking-Bank Ustaev A.J.
26 August 2016 — 28th anniversary of successful activity of the Bank "Viking" in the financial market! To achieve good results and helps us move forward with good strategy, a solid team and our valuable customers and partners.
The Chairman of board of directors Joint-Stock Company Viking-Bank Halansky V.P.
Created during the beginning of market reforms, in the eighty-eighth year, the Bank "Viking" has passed a way of formation and development together with the Russian banking system and became the First commercial Bank of new Russia.
The Chairman of board Joint-Stock Company Viking-Bank Zaozersky A.A.
For many years, the Bank "Viking" is an example of a dynamic and modern credit institution. The Bank "Viking" – the First commercial Bank of new Russia already 28 years successfully operating in the financial market of St. Petersburg.

Exchange rate on 06/27/2017 Bank buying rate Bank selling rate
US dollar 58.40 59.50
Euro 65.60 67.00

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