Base License no. 2 dated December 20, 2018
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Internet bank


Vikingbank JSC has started to accept payments for all types of utilities.
You can pay the administrative fees and other payment notes in all the bank branches.
The bank charges a fee of 1.5% of the payment amount.
Vikingbank accepts payments for:
- apartment maintenance
- heating and water supply
- Internet
- phone subscriber fee
- international phone connections
- home intercom and security
- satellite and cable television
- kindergarten and school
- fines and penalties
- other types of service.
Vikingbank is ready to offer the most modern, trustworthy, and high-technology bank products. Private customers can send and receive money transfers, effect payments to legal entities, exchange currencies, open accounts in various currencies, manage them remotely via Internet banking, handle bills, sell traveller's cheques, use card products, keep their cash, valuable items, jewellery, securities, documents, and other properties in the individual safe deposit boxes, make money deposits in Russian roubles and other currencies.
You can pay the utilities and effect other payments in the bank branches at:
- central office of Vikingbank JSC - 17, Vladimirsky Avenue.
- additional branch no. 1 (Bolshoi Gostiny Dvor, Nevsky line, 1st floor) - 35, Nevsky Avenue
- additional branch no. 2 (Bolshoi Gostiny Dvor, Perinnaya line, 1st floor) - 35, Nevsky Avenue
- additional branch no. 5 – 43/45, Ligovsky Avenue.
- additional branch no. 6 (Oktyabrskaya Hotel) – 10, Ligovsky Avenue.
- additional branch no. 12 (Bolshoi Gostiny Dvor, Sadovaya line, 1st floor) - 35, Nevsky Avenue
- Apraksin Dvor additional branch (Apraksin Dvor market) - 28/30, Sadovaya Street.